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Marketing Strategies is run by business development professionals ready to help you meet your business needs. From career coaches to research assistants, we have the support team to help you succeed.
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Nancy, CEO, and Founder of Marketing Strategies

Nancy Cimino, CEO and Founder



Nancy was the former President and CEO of recruiting and career management company Majestic Systems. She is a business development professional with more than 27 years of consulting, sales, marketing, and recruiting experience. She has helped federal and commercial executives and IT and development professionals with consultative solution selling and support skills. Cimino is very familiar recruiting for positions requiring public trust, TS, TS/SCI, TS/SSBI, CI polygraphs, lifestyle/full-scope polygraphs, Yankee White clearances, and DOE clearances. She has provided contingent, retained, and contract recruiting services directly or indirectly for companies such as:
  • NewGen Technologies™
  • Booz Allen®
  • Northrop Grumman®
  • General Dynamics™
  • Endeca™
  • Booz Allen®
  • IBM®
  • Deloitte®
  • GH Engineering™
  • Booz Allen®
  • Blue Canopy®
  • Breaking Point®

Nancy's Expertise

Nancy's range of experience includes development of strategic partnerships through business-to-business negotiations. She has performed full lifecycle human resource operations (candidate sourcing, screening, submission, salary negotiation, and offer presentation). Her recruiting strategies and tools include Internet research (job boards and business/social media networking) and candidate recruitment (passive and active). Learn more about Cimino on LinkedIn™.

Based in Loudoun County VA, Marketing Strategies has been helping Executives and IT Professionals at all levels find new career opportunities in the Intelligence, Defense and Commercial Industries since 2002. Founder and CEO, Nancy Cimino has worked for several executive search firms; and in addition to Marketing Strategies, she also founded Majestic Systems in the mid 90's.Recruiting in the early days meant one had to pick up the phone and call a potential candidate at work to recruit them. There were no cell phones, or resume databases, a recruiter had to have thick skin and be ready to accept rejection if a candidate wasn't interested in any of their positions. A good recruiter knew how important it was to build relationships with candidates. Once there was some rapport built, it was time to ask the questions necessary to find out if the candidate would be a fit, and whether there should be a next step. Since Nancy worked in the Intelligence/Defense market for over 20 years; many of the questions were related to security clearances from Secret on up to Full Scope Polys.

As time went on the recruiting industry changed, recruiters were paying for access to resume databases and many recruiters became sourcers. They felt their job was to get as many qualified resumes from the resume databases and send them to the client as quickly as possible; even if that meant submitting the candidate's resume before speaking with them. This business model just doesn't work; too many candidates get submitted to the same company from several recruiters; and many times for the same contracts. So how can Marketing Strategies help in your career efforts? Well it is important to realize Nancy has recruited in many industries as a Third Party Agency; but also has expertise as a corporate contract recruiter; so she knows what companies are looking for and how to present candidates in such a way they get noticed.

Nancy's primary focus has been career consulting and recruiting for the Intelligence and Defense Industry. She understands that working with highly cleared candidates for proposal business or for live contracts takes extensive knowledge of the industry itself. Working with someone like Nancy who already knows the security and clearance process, and what expertise the major players are looking for and for what contracts, will give a candidate an industry-specific advantage when receiving career consulting and coaching.

In 2013, after evaluating an Outplacement Program that had already proven to be a success in the Commercial Industry, Nancy became interested in expanding her services to include outplacement. Each time she spoke with the executive management team from the company, she became more and more impressed with the company itself, the intelligence of their product, and the 1 to 1 coaching support they offer job seekers. Nancy is looking forward to including their program as she presents her Outplacement Solution to the Intelligence and Defense Industry.

"Out of need, comes change, and out of change, comes growth."



Kamran Loghman

Kamran Loghman is among the most sought after experts in creativity and strategy and one of the few select master trainers of creative performance for Apple™. Kamran has several decades of significant experience as a C-level executive. He is the former President and CEO of Zarc International™ and was formerly the Executive Director of Nifar™. He received his B.A. from the University of San Francisco and an M.A. from The Catholic University of America. He also holds a diploma from
Cole Internationale in Switzerland.
Patent Holder

Kamran is also the inventor and developer of weapons-grade pepper spray technology for law enforcement application. He is a recognized expert in federal court proceedings regarding chemical exposure and has authored many technical manuals, some of which form the basis for training at major government organizations.

Kamran Loghman was recognized in 1994 by the US Army for his decisive management in support of the Haiti mission. In 2010, he received a commendation letter from President Clinton.
Lecture Experience

Kamran Loghman is an adjunct lecturer of leadership at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. He is also an adjunct lecturer of philosophy at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.