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Resume Customization and Optimization

Why is this even necessary? The main reason is because we are in a very competitive job market, with an economy that no one can trust. Statistics are showing that for almost every position advertised; you should expect 500 to 1,000 candidates to apply. Another statistic to keep in mind is on average it is taking 39 weeks to find work. That is over twice the time it took 10 years ago. If you customize and optimize your resume efficiently; you will make it easier for potential employers to find you.

Preparing to Customize your Resume

• First, have your most current resume in front of you; so you can reference it.
• Then on a separate sheet of paper start writing down all of the positions that you held since you wrote your last resume. Make sure to include title changes, promotions and lateral positions.
• Add any skills and experience to a Core Competencies section on your resume.
• Add any new certifications, accomplishments and awards to the appropriate section.
• Add any additional educational degrees if you received any.
• Feel free to brainstorm on this sheet of paper; since you will organize your information later.

Customizing and Optimizing your Resume

Now that you are prepared with all of the necessary information; you are ready to start. As part of our Career Evaluation and Strategies Package; I will share with you what customizing and optimizing tips you can use to revise your resume for a specific position.

Here is just one of our recent success stories:

"I was working with a candidate who was representing himself as an All-Source Analyst on his resume; even though his true niche was in the area of Irregular Warfare Analysis (IWA). My knowledge of the Intelligence Industry allowed me to pick out certain instances of IWA, that another recruiter may not have noticed that did not have as much experience in the Intel Recruiting Industry as I have. Once I showed my candidate how to revise his resume using Resume Customization and Optimization Techniques; his resume got noticed. Just by adding these revisions, he could present himself for the IWA position; and is now under consideration."

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