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Salary Negotiations

First of all you need to be realistic and understand your personal financial situation. Do not compare yourself to others making more money if you are in desperate need of a job. Why? Simply put, many factors have put all of us in a competitive market. One obvious reason is due to the economy; and the fact more people are out of work. If you are fortunate enough to have a company offer you a position; then please realize that you may not receive another offer from another company for months.

As part of our Interview Process Package, I will emphasize the following:

How to know your worth in this market and in your area of the country.

Understand how your personal financial situation should be a determining factor in your salary negotiations.

Learn how to answer salary questions; so you get the salary you desire.

Consider the total compensation package including bonuses, commissions, and in some cases for Intelligence positions there will be hostile or danger pay.

Remember, it is a good business strategy during a conversation with a potential employer to let them bring up the topic of salary or an offer. Sometimes this information is discussed during the interview; other times the information has already been provided to the employer before the interview by the candidate, by HR or by a recruiter.