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Reduce Unemployment Costs With
Our Outplacement Services

Marketing Strategies offers outplacement and career consulting services. Leave it to us to help your displaced employee find a new job, saving you from paying unemployment costs. Our outplacement services are possible through proprietary cloud technology, niche industry expertise, career consulting, highly experienced job search analysts, and customizable programs. With this service, we help you reduce the duration of job search campaigns by more than 50%. This saves your organization as much as 40% on unemployment insurance taxes and provides a return of up to four times your initial investment. Call us to learn more about our outplacement services, which can help keep your company running as efficiently as possible.

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Outplacement Resources

Participants receive a customized plan, complete with weekly goals and timely milestones, to keep them on track to get hired quickly. Additionally, they will have access to career resources, articles, resume templates, and cover letter templates. Participants will be able to import, organize, and manage their job search contacts from
LinkedIn™ and Facebook™.

Outplacement Support

Each job seeker will be assigned a dedicated career coach and a research assistant. If necessary, an industry-specific subject matter expert will provide guidance throughout the entire job search process.

Marketing Strategies Outplacement and Career Transition Services


Regardless of the economic climate, organizations constantly monitor costs, strategies and organizational structures. They do so to improve business performance and, if necessary, to resize and reorganize. Such change projects are highly complex, involve significant litigation risk, can reflect poorly on employer reputation and damage morale of both current and displaced employees, especially if not managed in an effective manner or not executed in a timely manner.

Help Your Displaced Workers Find a Job

Partnering with Marketing Strategies Outplacement Services can lower unemployment costs and risk of employment litigation by helping all of your terminated employees find their next job fast.

Helping all of your terminated employees in their job search and accelerate their reemployment.

Reduce Unemployment Costs by Helping Employees

Not only will you fulfill social responsibility and moral obligations by helping your former employees find work faster, you also spend less in unemployment taxes. The longer a terminated employee remains on unemployment, the higher your unemployment tax exposure will be. Marketing Strategies Outplacement Service uses proprietary cloud technology, niche industry expertise, highly experienced job search analysts and customizable programs to reduce the duration of job search campaigns by over 50%; saving your organization as much as much as 40% on unemployment insurance taxes and providing up to 4 times return on investment. You can also reduce risk of employment litigation and potential EPLI costs.

Why Marketing Strategies Outplacement Services?

We partner with the best resources on the market to provide you the most effective outplacement solution!
Each job seeker will:

Be assigned a dedicated Career Coach, a Research Assistant and when necessary, an Industry-Specific Subject Matter Expert to help guide them through their entire job search process.

Have a customized plan set up for them with weekly goals and timely milestones to keep them on track to get hired quickly.

Have access to career resources, articles, resume templates, cover letter templates, etc.

Be able to import, organize, and manage your job search-related contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Experience faster searching since we aggregate many job sites, and millions of job listings into one place.

Have inside information about company hiring trends; in addition to company listings with positions, titles and contact information.

Have access to a system that will automate almost every aspect of their job search process.

Be able to manage, customize and store all their documents in one location for quicker access when applying for jobs.

Be able to apply directly to positions from our program, and have available a contact management system to keep their notes and other information organized.

Be able to run detailed progress reports and send them to their former employer for easier monitoring of the job search process and the outplacement process.

And so much more!

Contact us and we will customize an Outplacement Solution to meet your needs!


As a leader in career services for defense, intel and commercial industries for over 20 years, our expertise with industry specific data management, specialized databases and ROI focus puts Marketing Strategies in a distinctive position. With Marketing Strategies Outplacement Services, we are giving businesses the power of the enterprise outplacement solution at a fraction of the cost and making outplacement purposeful; so it can be offered for all non-protestable separations.

Learn more about how our outplacement service can help your organization reduce your unemployment insurance costs related to non-protestable separations.

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